Teach your office the important of security, and forensics

Phone Consultation

Have a question? Need some advice on next steps? We are here to help. Contact us today and you will get in touch with a live, trained, certified consultant.

Knowledge is Power

Let us train your staff! We can train your IT staff on the proper procedure to secure evidence while keeping a proper chain of custody. This will assist your company should any litigation issues ever arise.


Want to find out about our webinars? Contact us – we can get you information, videos, tutorials and provide it to your employees without having to get everyone’s schedule worked out.

Forensics is a new and confusing topic to many companies, attorneys and individuals alike. Below you will find many questions and answers regarding forensics and what exactly it entails. All of our staff is certified and knowledgeable in all of these topics so if you would like just contact us.

Training for Law Firms

We can help and train your law firm with the new digital techniques used in computer forensics. Staying update with technology ensures you provide the best service you can for your clients.

  • Digital Forensics / eDsicovery core basics
  • Digital Investigations what is an is not available/possible
  • How to get the most out of your digital expert
  • Understanding Technology / IT and interacting with technical points of contact

Training for Technical Staff

We can train your IT staff on how to respond in the event of a potential litigation issue. Whether it is how to preserve data or how eDiscovery works to help them understand forensics and how it impacts them

  • Digital Forensics / eDsicovery core basics
  • Preservation and Documentation training
  • eDiscovery practices
  • Forensic/Ediscovery
    • Consulting
    • Digital Forensics
    • Mobile Forensics
    • Expert Witness Testimony
    • Litigation Support
  • Data Revovery
  • Password Recovery
  • Drive/Data Wiping
  • Training
  • Security


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