Physical Damage

If you dropped your hard drive, or just start hearing crazy sounds we have certified consultants to inspect, diagnosis and repair any damages.

Raid Recovery

Whether your server died and you just need the data off, or the raid got misaligned. We have the tools to put it back together and get those drives talking to each other again!

Oops Deleted It!

Did you delete a file? We can search for it – it may not be gone yet,and if it is there… we WILL find it.

We have certified trained staff ready to diagnose any issue you may be having or to assist with data recovery.

Data recovery is such a sensitive topic and field. You want to make sure the data you work so hard to create and preserve is not lost forever. Our team of experts is here to work with you through the process of data recovery. We are trained to handle the most sensitive of operations and data all while calmly explaining things in laymen’s terms. Our goal is to work with you every step of the way during your data recovery process.

  • Deleted precious photos/videos/memories from your digital camera / Memory Card (SD, XD, etc) / USB Drive?
  • Exchange (mail) store not mounting? Has your email\exchange server crashed or stopped working correctly?
  • Has your computer crashed and stopped turning on?
  • Virtual Machine Crash
  • Server not booting
  • RAID recovery

Has your server crashed? Did your RAID configuration lose a disk? Is your RAID not detecting/booting? Before anyone spends time troubleshooting or before data recovery efforts are undertaken, full drive images should be taken. Many times untrained professionals will destroy data by applying standard troubleshooting steps used for other IT tasks. This is why DFDR maintains industry standard certification in computer digital forensics and data recovery.

We want to ensure that your data recovery process is handle with the utmost care and concern.

  • Forensic/Ediscovery
    • Consulting
    • Digital Forensics
    • Mobile Forensics
    • Expert Witness Testimony
    • Litigation Support
  • Data Revovery
  • Password Recovery
  • Drive/Data Wiping
  • Training
  • Security


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