Philadelphia Computer Forensics Consulting

Our certified consultants can consult with you on all technical aspects of your case. We will help provide a better understanding of not only forensics and core IT infrastructure but also explain fundamental technical questions you may have. Some of the most common consulting services involve:

Identification of IT equipment

Many IT devices are confusing to the average user. If you have any questions what a device is, what it does and if there is potential evidence stored on it, contact us. We will help determine a comprehensive map of the data, network and IT equipment in use and ensure it is understanable to your entire team!

Liaison with company technical staff

If you need someone to work with your client’s IT staff, or IT services firm, we have trained consultants to work with you and them to explain what is needed and will actually benefit your case.

Explanation of computer and IT systems

Our staff will take our time explaining how IT works in the background to you and your team. Whether it is in a less formal conference or a formal session. This allows your team to understand IT and how various computer systems can impact your case at hand.

Understanding of data, how it is used, where/how it is stored

Data is a concept that is purely logical and doesn’t physically exist! This can sound crazy to some people and that is where we come in. We can explain data and show it works, and how our forensics and data recovery efforts work as well.

Formation of questions / requests from IT staff

We have trained consultants in IT who can talk with your clients, service vendors or third party IT staff and form questions to ensure that the proper data is requested and provided to your team.

Review of expert reports and procedures

Whether you need to understand what another expert discovered in their examination, confirm that the results are accurate or ensure they followed forensically sound procedures, our consultants are at your disposal.

Review of technical documents

With diverse backgrounds in various IT Networks and Forensic Examinations a second set of eyes reviewing the technical documents associated with your case can uncover crucial details or confirm your suspicions.

  • Forensic/Ediscovery
    • Consulting
    • Digital Forensics
    • Mobile Forensics
    • Expert Witness Testimony
    • Litigation Support
  • Data Revovery
  • Password Recovery
  • Drive/Data Wiping
  • Training
  • Security


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