DFDR Consulting is a unique consulting firm with an understanding of not only the forensics aspect but the IT side as well. With years of experience in diverse IT fields, our consultants ensure that your forensics requirements are met without requiring any unnecessary burden on your systems or users.

DFDR has a complex understanding of networks and servers. We take our time to understand how your network is configured to allow us to make the best first approach to ensure all potential locations of data are discovered and secured in our first attempt. This allows for the strongest case, with minimal (if any) downtime towards your network. Furthermore this allows for the lowest cost and best chance to acquire all forms of evidence on your network.

Our Consultants were trained, by law enforcement officers and trained by the industry leading vendors in their respective software. This allows us to be confident you will receive the most accurate investigation legally and fully using the software that is respected and tested throughout the forensics industry.

All consultants are members of the ISFCE. ALL of our consultants are certified in multiple IT and Digital Forensics fields including Encase (ENCE), Paraben (P2 Level 2), FTK (ACE), Security +. ALL consultants are certified computer examiners (CCE).

Finally all of our digital forensics consultants have experience inside of court rooms providing testimony and depositions. Your case will not only be investigated to the highest caliber but explained properly in court in language that all parties will understand. With detailed reports and trained investigators you can ensure nothing will be missed.


DFDR has a detailed history of working with corporations in many different law suits as well as internal matters. DFDR provides an excellent level of service, discreetly to ensure no added tension in the work place.


Our digital forensics consultants have worked in many personal cases such as divorces or civil law suits. We make it a default practice to take forensically sound images of the machine in question, allowing no trace of us ever being there and providing a discreet examination to not cause any unnecessary tension in a relationship.

  • Forensic/Ediscovery
    • Consulting
    • Digital Forensics
    • Mobile Forensics
    • Expert Witness Testimony
    • Litigation Support
  • Data Revovery
  • Password Recovery
  • Drive/Data Wiping
  • Training
  • Security


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